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Marketing, PR & Sales

Masterclass: How to be a Rockstar Podcast Guest with Kathleen Gage

Masterclass: How to Be Great at Sales And Why Every Leader Needs This Skill with Rana Kordahi

Masterclass: How to create an authentic personal brand online that CONNECTS you to your audience with Melissa Scott

Masterclass Leverage your IP with a Signature System to Attract More Clients with Renee Hasseldine

Masterclass: Empowered Speaker: How to Utilise Your Voice As A Marketing Tool In Your Business with Janelle Johnston

Masterclass: Is It Time To Start Your Own Podcast Show with Kathleen Gage

Masterclass: Instagram Vs LinkedIn – Should You Embrace Your ‘Professional’ or ‘Social’ Inner-Vegan? with Lisa Fox

Masterclass: Plant-based Is No Longer Enough: Here’s How To Set Your Brand Apart with Elysabeth Alfano

Masterclass: How To Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads For Your Vegan Business with Sabrina Lee

Masterclass: Facebook Ads: How To Target Audiences Successfully and Get Them To Convert with Dan Pinne

Masterclass: SEO Secrets That Agencies Won’t Tell You with Hartej Singh

Masterclass: Why You Should Be Going Live, And How To Do It With Impact with Stephanie Redcross West

Masterclass: 5 Insider Tips on How to Write a Business Book, Even if You Have Zero Writing Experience with Mitali Deypurkaystha

Personal Development

Masterclass: Be Heard in Times of Chaos with Clare Mann


Masterclass: How to Achieve Your Goals in Uncertain Times with Georgia Bamber

Masterclass: How to Kick Imposter Syndrome and Realise Your Full Potential with Jayne Harrison

Masterclass: The Three Keys To Mastering Time How To Achieve Your Goals Even When Life Is Busy with Georgia Bamber

Masterclass: Reclaim Your Feminine Power: A Practical Guide to Embracing the Shadow for Greater Wisdom, Joy, and Magnetism with Lisa Rachel Snyder

Masterclass: Crack Your Money Code: What Your Sacred Money Archetypes Reveal About You with Sarah McCalden

Masterclass: How to Develop a Success Mindset with Georgia Bamber

Masterclass: Stop Your Inner Procrastinator  with Cathryn Remmington


Masterclass: How to be a Star Woman Leader with Betska Kburr

Masterclass: Beyond the Why How to Access Your True Leadership Style with Melissa Stefano

Masterclass: Should you join a board with Julie Garland McLellan